• Car Accidents and Massage

    Your insurance will pay for therapeutic massage therapy for up to 2 years after a car accident! We bill directly to the insurance company and you have nothing to do but heal and feel good!

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  • Pain & Massage Therapy

    Stop the pain and start living again with Massage Therapy!

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  • Benefits of Massage Therapy

    You would be surprised how much medical massage therapy can help!

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  • Medical Massage Therapist

    Over 18 years experience in Massage Therapy working on thousands of clients

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  • Massage Therapy Testimonials

    Massage Therapy Works! Don’t take my word for it!

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Trigger Point Massage Therapy:

At the base of many large muscle pains and aches, lay the small area of pain that triggered it all. When you can find the root cause of the problem you can then easily address it and change an area 10x the size. The key to this technique is getting the right angle, pressure, length of time and communication with the client to get the body to “reset”. Once the brain recognizes a problem in a muscle, it will increase circulation to the area to bring in fresh blood to repair the injury. The problem begins when this signal doesn’t turn off. The increased blood flow then becomes unwanted inflammation. This is turn sets off a snow ball effect that turns a large area into an achy pain. By resetting this signal, helping the brain body connection to normalize, you can clear out the effected area quite rapidly of pain and inflammation.

Written by Jamin Rak

Therapeutic Massage Therapist located in Portland, OR Specializing in: Acute and Chronic Pain including Car Accident Recovery. State of Oregon License #6827 BCMTB #2001062 Licensed since 1999. https://plus.google.com/+jaminrak