• Car Accidents and Massage

    Your insurance will pay for therapeutic massage therapy for up to 2 years after a car accident! We bill directly to the insurance company and you have nothing to do but heal and feel good!

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    Stop the pain and start living again with Massage Therapy!

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  • Benefits of Massage Therapy

    You would be surprised how much medical massage therapy can help!

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  • Medical Massage Therapist

    Over 18 years experience in Massage Therapy working on thousands of clients

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    Massage Therapy Works! Don’t take my word for it!

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Myofascial Release:

Fascia is best explained as layers upon layers of “saran wrap” like tissue that interconnects everything in your body together. It is directly underneath your skin, surrounds your muscles, nerves, blood vessels and organs. When there is damage to a muscle, the surrounding fascia can become dense and less flexible. Even when the muscle has repaired itself, the surround fascia can still make the effected area feel restricted. Since our fascia is intertwined throughout our bodies, we can even have sensations of pain in areas that were not injured. When tight fascia is stretched you will feel a burning sensation. This undesirable feeling is sometimes unavoidable if you want complete recovery from an injury. Here again is were good communication comes in between therapist and client. The therapist should only go as far and as fast as the client is willing and able to allow. Once the fascial tissue is release, one should feel a sense of being liberated.

Written by Jamin Rak

Therapeutic Massage Therapist located in Portland, OR Specializing in: Acute and Chronic Pain including Car Accident Recovery. State of Oregon License #6827 BCMTB #2001062 Licensed since 1999. https://plus.google.com/+jaminrak