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A good nights rest!

What would you pay for a good nights rest? While massage therapy can really help reduce the stress and tension so many of us carry in our neck and shoulders, sometimes more is needed. While many of my clients leave feeling like a new person, they then return to their broken mattress and worn out, ill-supportive pillow. Not getting the proper nights rest has so many adverse effects on our health that we all know all too well. Add to that list neck, shoulder, back pain and the ensuing headaches! Many go out a drop $1000 on a new mattress only to discover their neck still hurting! Why do so many forget the importance of a good pillow? The tossing and turning at night is so many times NOT your mattress but your pillow!

When I first came in contact with the ultimate sleeping pillow by Therapeutica, I was a bit skeptical  It looks funny to say the least…I thought it would be so hard to get used to. But after ONE night, my mind was changed forever!!! After 8 years! Yes, that’s right….8 YEARS WITH THE SAME PILLOW. It still holds the same shape and provides the same comfortable nights rest. I was the first that I know of to experience this revolutionary way of sleeping and have been prompting all of my clients to follow. The pillow manufacturers have really thought of it all. Words can not express what a change this pillow can make and how it makes you feel. The closest statement I’ve heard that sums it up was from one of my clients’ father who called me to say, “I have not slept like that since I was a young boy!” or like a Chiropractor who told me, “I didn’t even realize I was dealing with aches and pains in my neck until I actually got a true good nights rest!”. These comments and many more make me so happy. While my massage therapy can help eliminate so many of the causes of headaches and migraines, this can all be undone by the 6-8 hours of sleeping unsupported.

So, how much would you pay for a good nights rest? $75? From my point of view, it is well worth it and more!

Check out my pricing which is 25% off retail! Pick up at my office to avoid shipping costs! Try it, I guarantee it will be your best nights rest!

My Massage Therapy Store!

Written by Jamin Rak

Therapeutic Massage Therapist located in Portland, OR Specializing in: Acute and Chronic Pain including Car Accident Recovery. State of Oregon License #6827 BCMTB #2001062 Licensed since 1999. https://plus.google.com/+jaminrak

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