“In December of 2008, a car ran a stop sign and hit me in the driver’s seat of my car. After the ambulance and emergency room, I was on complete bedrest, muscle relaxants and pain medication for two weeks. I gradually tried to return to work, but I was limping with uncontrolled pain. Then, I began chiropractic treatments twice per week with Dr. Berntsen and massage therapy twice per week from Jamin D. Rak, LMT… Together they treated me for  six months with expert and compassionate care. They restored me to a complete recovery, I now work full-time as a nurse and can fulfill all my normal responsibilities…I cannot thank them enough. They changed my life back into a full and joyful recovery after a terrible car accident.” – Marcia Nielson RN, Masters in Nursing

Marcia Nielson RN, Masters in Nursing