“If you’ve injured yourself, and want your life and your body back, consider seeing a great sports massage therapist.  I did, and here’s my story.  In January of 2002 I had the misfortune of seriously injuring myself in a skiing accident.  The surgery and 4 weeks of wearing a sling left me with very little function in my arm and upper trunk.  Even after 4 weeks of exceptional physical therapy I was unable to drive with both hands.  I had what was termed a “frozen shoulder.“ Being a medical professional, I knew I needed additional intervention.  I wanted a massage therapist specializing in sports injuries/rehabilitation. Someone who was knowledgeable about the muscles, tendons, and joints affected my injury, how to rehab me without doing further damage, and encouraging me to continually improve.  I found that, and much, much more in Jamin Rak. On my first visit it took him 10 minutes to get me on the massage table, which he did without hurting me.  Over the next few months he gradually but methodically liberated my muscles and my range of motion through massage, so that 4 months later I was able to play golf again.  Being able to do the things you love (ski-bike-golf), and do them without pain, is a wonderful gift.  It was Jamin, who gave me that gift and continues to help me maintain my function through therapeutic massage.” – Donald Flynn, CRNA – Nurse Anesthetist and happy customer!

Donald Flynn, CRNA - Nurse Anesthetist and happy customer!