• Car Accidents and Massage

    Your insurance will pay for therapeutic massage therapy for up to 2 years after a car accident! We bill directly to the insurance company and you have nothing to do but heal and feel good!

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  • Pain & Massage Therapy

    Stop the pain and start living again with Massage Therapy!

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  • Benefits of Massage Therapy

    You would be surprised how much medical massage therapy can help!

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  • Medical Massage Therapist

    Over 18 years experience in Massage Therapy working on thousands of clients

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    Massage Therapy Works! Don’t take my word for it!

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Jamin Rak, LMT Posts

Massage Therapy Hangout 7 – Video

Google+ Massage Therapy Hangout with Guests:   Benjamin McDonald – http://www.massamio.com/ Jamin Rak – Host 2:00 Massage therapy research & herding cats 11:30 The two massage therapy camps 16:00 Ethical lines of Energy Work, Structural Massage and the Placebo Effect 27:00 National Organizations 34:45 Words of advice new massage therapists.  

Energy Work: Is it more than just the power of touch?

I decided to write on this subject, not to offend (which I most probably will accomplish), but to ask questions and pose a different way to view energy work. My disclaimer is that in no way do I feel that I am all knowing on the subject of energy work while I also am humble Continue Reading

Massage Therapy Hangout 6 – Video

Google+ Massage Therapy Hangout with Guests:   Lu Mueller-Kaul – http://www.balanceorlando.com/ Jessica McCormick – http://www.gesundheitmassage.com Jamin Rak – Host This month’s hangout we discuss : 2:25 Starting up a massage therapy practice whether is a Clinic or Spa. Different business models for massage therapists. (Self-employed vs Independent Contractor) 12:30 How to get “Found” and build your massage Continue Reading

Massage Therapy Hangout 5 – Video

Google+ Massage Therapy Hangout with Guests:   Kelli Wise – http://massagetherapyworld.com/ Lu Mueller-Kaul – http://www.balanceorlando.com/ Mark Volkmann – http://massagebook.com Jamin Rak – Host After Introductions we discuss: 2:30 Massage therapy research. Why we are still considered “alternative medicine”. 27:45 ELAP report for massage therapy education requirements. Do we need more required hours of education? Reciprocity across the states? Continue Reading

Massage Therapy Hangout 4 – Video

Google+ Massage Therapy Hangout with Guests:   Lu Mueller-Kaul – http://www.balanceorlando.com/ Lisa Gillispie – http://www.lisallc.com Jamin Rak – Host Topics of Discussion after Introductions: 6:40 Two level massage therapy license pros & cons 24:35 Education and CEU requirements need improvement 40:40 Healthcare Reform Act 46:30 Researching Modalities 55:15 Business and Massage Therapy

Why we need a Massage Revolution!

Massage therapy needs a face lift! Massage therapy has come a long way in the past 25+ years. I’m proud to be a part of a growing profession that is gaining more and more credibility with the general public and with the medical community. That being said, it’s time to make the next leap! I’m Continue Reading

Massage Therapy Hangout 3 – Video

Google+ Massage Therapy Hangout with Guests:   Lu Mueller-Kaul – http://www.balanceorlando.com/ Laurie Volkmann – http://massagebook.com/ Jessica McCormick – http://gesundheitmassage.com/ Jamin Rak – Host We discuss the possibility for a national board of massage therapy. Public perception of massage and how we can help make positive changes.

Massage Therapy Hangout 2 – Video

Google+ Massage Therapy Hangout with Guests:   Laurie Volkmann – http://massagebook.com David Majzner – http://www.integratedtotalwellness.com Jamin Rak – Host 0:00 +Jessica McCormick Introductions 1:15 +MassageBook and Online Booking 7:20 +Jamin Rak Introductions 8:00 Keywords Content for SEO 19:35 +David Majzner Introductions 24:20 Google Penguin Update 26:00 Backlinking 27:30 Blogging 30:00 Echo Problems 32:30 Content Writing Continue Reading

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!

One of the major difference my clients see between me and other therapists is my including stretching during the massage and my advice to stretch regularly afterwards. Stretching has been taught for centuries and can be easily observed in nature when animals get up from a nap. Why is something so easy and time tested Continue Reading

A good nights rest!

What would you pay for a good nights rest? While massage therapy can really help reduce the stress and tension so many of us carry in our neck and shoulders, sometimes more is needed. While many of my clients leave feeling like a new person, they then return to their broken mattress and worn out, Continue Reading

OMG I have Arthritis….. What does that mean anyways?

Possible treatments for simple arthritis and even some more major forms include: 1) Chiropractic, if the joint has become acutely fixated and needs some joint mobility, 2) Massage Therapy to help increase blood flow and increase range of motion

Medical study shows massage therapy works to relieve back pain!

Many have known this for years, but it is nice to see the general “western” medicine camp joining. Many turn to drugs with major side effects to alleviate pain. These are just band-aides and nothing more. Getting to the root of the problem will help you to live a more successful and meaningful life. Massage has been around for Continue Reading

Car accident pain relief through massage therapy

Jamin Rak massage therapy provides pain relief from motor vehicle accidents (MVA) for the greater Portland area. Insurance billing is available so that the treatments are of no direct cost to the patient. Many times after a car accident people feel pain in their neck and back. Whiplash injuries are very common especially when you Continue Reading

Do your research before selecting your health care provider!

Be careful and research a practitioner before going in for treatment! You would be surprised to find out how many chiropractors, physical therapists and even massage therapists have had disciplinary action taken against them for unethical behavior. Even the best intentioned people change when money becomes involved. When it comes to insurance money, some practitioners Continue Reading